Our favourite local flavours, shared.

The U Bar, your place to be.

Nestled in the heart of Westblaak, rubbing shoulders with the iconic Cinerama, you'll find The Usual. 

Serving up the best of Rotterdam cuisine, we combine seasonal, plant-based, and locally produced dishes from across the region.

Open from that early morning latte in the neighbourhood to a last call toast before bed, we've got something for everything - and everyone- in between. 

Trio of cocktails

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Open Daily

Opening Times: 7:00-00:00
Breakfast, Lunch & The Daily Dish
Drinks & Bar Bites

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Westblaak 10
3012 KL Rotterdam

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whatsapp: +31 10 3127600

The Daily Dish.

With recipes designed by Rotterdam's favorite masters of flavour, The Daily Dish is the highlight of our day. 

Served from 18:00-19:30, we gather to share good, local food as a community. To reduce food waste, we have limited availability, so be sure to reserve. 

Rotterdam Group Toast in The U Bar

The local heroes, our partners who rock our tastebuds.

New Wave Catering

We collaborate with New Wave to ensure a diverse, local, and seasonally inspired menu for The Usual’s guests. With their expertise and commitment to reducing food waste, this partnership aligns with our values.

Jordy's Bakery

Renowned for their artisanal approach, Jordy's Bakery takes pride in crafting pastries, cakes, and breads with care, using natural ingredients. By collaborating with Jordy’s Bakery, we can provide the guests with locally baked goods and support our community’s favourite.

Sharp Sharp

Sharp Sharp is a Rotterdam-based bakery specializing in 100% vegan and gluten-free treats with a focus on fairtrade and organic ingredients.

Espresso Martini with Dik & Schil Liqueur
Dik & Schil

Dik & Schil give a second life to raw materials used in the catering industry. From Moyee coffee grounds to orange peels, these liqueurs give our cocktails zest.

Kaapse Brouwers Beers
Kaapse Brouwers

The best Rotterdamse Beer in the World. Since 2014, they have been working as an independent craft beer brewery with daring recipes, challenging taste experiments, and contemporary craft beers.

Arbikie Cllimate Positive Gin

Arbikie's Nàdar Gin, from their Climate Positive line of spirits, has all of the taste and none of the impact. Made from peas, this gin has a carbon footprint of -1.54kg CO2e per 700ml bottle.

Frank about tea

Frank tea is produced in a climate-positive manner and their tea bags are made from biodegradable corn fibre. They invest 2% of all turnover in farmer training courses in the communities where they work.

Wilder Land

Wilden yourself and enjoy the tastiest products working to help restore Dutch nature. They plant local and indigenous crops from which they make the tastiest teas and syrups.

Naturfrisk Organic soda

Organic soft drinks from Denmark produced without the use of pesticides, artificial colorings, flavour enhancers, or anything else that isn't natural.

Cocktail hour and vegan bites

Locally delicious.

You know that food is the beating heart of a destination, so you'll love Rotterdam's vibrant food culture. 

70% of our products are supplied locally, sourced no further than 80 km from Rotterdam.  

Coworking space.

Our coworking spaces are open to everyone, ideas big and small. Join us in one of our open coworking spaces or reserve a meeting room for a more private brainstorm. 

Man in Coworking space

The Meeting rooms.

Our 7 different meetings rooms mean that there is always the right space for your inspiration. Speak to one of our friendly hosts or mail us to reserve the room you need to think, collaborate, and create. 

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