Our Social Spaces

Designed around fresh and seasonal produce,

our menus are like honey for locals and travellers alike.

Our menus are like honey for locals and travellers alike.

Our places to eat are homey and bustling. Full of local friends, new to towners, wfh’ers, writers, builders, coders, doctors, tik-tokkers and poets. Anyone and everyone who appreciates tasty, wholesome dishes and freshly brewed, squeezed and shaken drinks. Draw a chair up to one of our communal tables and tuck in.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and inbetweens.

The Usual Kitchen. Where goodness is served. The rule of thumb in our kitchen? What we serve you, serves the community. We pride ourselves on our local network of farmers and foodies. They help us design and cook up dishes that hero local goodness and curb food waste.

Timed for when the locals get hungry.


The Usual Mornings

The aromas of roasted beans and pastries fresh from the oven. The buzz of juices squeezed and gentle wake up tunes. A vision of colourful smoothie bowls. Mornings at The Usual are a delicious multi-sensory experience.


The Usual Afternoons

Prep a museum route and grab a bag of lunch to go. Drop in to work in peace and refuel. A smoothie post yoga, a coffee for The Library. Easy going is our post-midday vibe. es.


The Usual Nights

Cocktails are shaken. Grapes are tasted (and retasted). Poetry is spoken. Playlists are noted. Long tables grow: Every night different, depending on who’s in town.

Breakfast to Bites in our U Bar


Midday breaks with locally sourced salads


Crafted cocktails are the best conversation starter

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