We’re a tight knit crew of action loving optimists, here to make travel a force for good.

We’re also a really nice place to work.


If you're kind, hardworking and conscientious – and enjoy taking care of others – get in touch with us. We need good people like you.

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Get to know us

Joachim CEO Portrait
Joachim de Looij

As someone with a lifelong passion for hospitality, I want people to continue to enjoy traveling in the future. We understand the importance of sustainability and doing our part to minimize environmental damage and preserve natural resources so that that is possible. We believe that making small changes can have a big impact in improving our environment. That's why we're committed to creating eco-friendly hotels that prioritize efficiency, reduce waste, and promote responsible practices.

Gisela ESG Manager Portrait
Gisela Boersma
ESG Manager

I'm passionate about finding creative solutions to our environmental challenges. I believe sustainable practices and investments are paramount for building a brighter future, which is why I'm committed to investing my time and energy into making it happen! Together, we can create a world that's better for everyone.

Nancy Hotel Manager Team Leader
Nancy Habets
Hotel Manager

I'm so proud to be a part of a company that is committed to sustainability. It's not just about making sure our hotels are as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, it's also about making sure that we're helping protect the planet for future generations. I am proud that my kids can see me making a difference in the world.

Pavlos our Senior Software Engineer
Pavlos Syngelakis
Senior Software Engineer

As a senior software engineer, I take immense pride in working for a sustainable company as it allows me to contribute my technical expertise towards solving pressing environmental challenges, fostering a sense of purpose, and making an impact with their work. This empowers me by aligning my professional skills with personal values, creating a fulfilling and meaningful career journey.

We thrive on the collaborative spirit of diverse volunteer teams, each with a distinct mission and impact.

From the dedicated DEIA team championing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility to the eco-conscious Green Team fostering new ideas about sustainability, and the vibrant Cultural Ambassadors who craft and stimulate our company culture, any team member can drive positive change across all facets of our organization.

Community a tthe bustling U bar

The power of everyone

For us, there's no sustainability without inclusivity. We're building an open and welcoming culture that values voices from every background, age and identity. This makes our teams stronger and The Usual a great place for everyone to work and visit.

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